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Porto, Portugal - September 3- 6, 2014

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Geraldine Akerman, Darren Bishopp & Anthony R. Beech: How Do We Measure Sexual Offence Paralleling Behavior in Men in Custody? Exploring What Constitutes Risky Behavior, and How It Can Be Identified and Managed.
Geraldine Akerman: Treating Child Sex Abusers
Geraldine Akerman & Maxine Daniels: Using Groups and Psychodrama to Facilitate Change with Men Who Have Offended in a Sexual Manner
Stuart Allardyce & Peter Yates: Offending Begins at Home: Working Differentially / Effectively? with Young People who Display Harmful Sexual Behaviour in Different Settings
Sarah Beggs-Christofferson - The assessment of clinically meaningful treatment change among sexual offenders, and the relationship between change and risk
Coralie Boillat et al.: Is There a New Generation of Child Sexual Exploitation Material Users? First and Preliminary Results of the Basel MIPS-Study (Commensurable Indicators of Paedophilic Offenders - Switzerland)
Isabelle Boisvert, Marc Tourigny, Nadine Lanctôt & Stéphanie Lemieux: Sexual Behavior Problems in Children: A Systematic Review of Associated Factors and Typologies
Charles Borduin: Multisystemic Therapy for Youths With Problem Sexual Behaviors
Peer Briken & Richard Krueger: Paraphilic Disorders in DSM-5 and proposals for ICD-11 – are there implications for sexual offender management?
Conor Duggan: The Empirical Basis of Sex Offender Treatment Effectiveness
Sarah Brown, Nadine McKillop, Stephen Smallbone & Richard Wortley: Linking Sex Offenders’ Attachment Styles and Preferences for Therapists’ Interpersonal Qualities with Sex Offender Treatment Program Attendance, Satisfaction and Completion
Sarah Brown, Nadine McKillop, Karlyn Pritchard & Stephen Smallbone: Similarities and Differences in Adolescence-Onset and Adult-Onset Child Sexual Abuse
James M. Cantor, Sophie Lafaille, Debra W. Soh, Massieh Moayedi, David M. Mikulis, & Todd A. Girard: Pedophilia and the Brain: White Matter Differences Detected with Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI)
Iris B. Dam & Dorte O. Hecksher: A Comparison of Two Groups of Possessors of Abuse Images – Two Different Kinds of Offenders? - A Pilot.
Reinhard Eher, Frank Schilling, Brigitte Hansmann, Tanja Pumberger, Joachim Nitschke, Elmar Habermeyer, Andreas Mokros: Sexual Sadism and Violent Reoffending in Sexual Offenders
Reinhard Eher: Pedophilic Disorder and its Risk for Sexual Reoffending in Child Molesters
Craig Harper & Todd Hogue: The Role of Sexual Crime Prototypes in Guiding Social and Political Discourse Around Sexual Crime Legislation
Terry Thomas & Bill Hebenton: Sex Offender Registers – Legalities, Ethics and Effectiveness
Jannine Hebert & Elizabeth Griffin: Developing and Implementing Psycho-Educational Curriculum for Civilly Committed Sex Offenders - Lessons Learned
Mechtild Höing, Bas Vogelvang & Stefan Bogaerts: The Impact of Circles of Support and Accountability on Sex Offenders’ Process of Desistance: A Prospective Study
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