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Porto, Portugal - September 3- 6, 2014

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Kiri Luther: The Good Way Model: A Framework for Working with Youth and Clients with an Intellectual Disability who Have Sexually Harmed Others
Kiri Luther: Mindfulness: Its Role in a Community Based Treatment Program for Young People and People with an Intellectual Disability who Have Sexually Harmed Others, and the Use of Biofeedback to Facilitate Learning.
Laura Menenti & Corinne Dettmeijer-Vermeulen: Who Do We Suspect, Summon and Sentence, and What’s After Punishment? Child Sex Offenders in the Netherlands
Jules Mulder, Carol McNaughton Nicholls, Caroline Paskell, Ashley Brown, Joan van Horn, Mara Eisenberg & Donald Findlater: Approaches to Prevention
Dawn M. Pflugradt & Bradley P. Allen: A Gendered Strength Based Treatment Model for Female Sexual Offenders
Martin Rettenberger & Reinhard Eher: The Relevance of Personality Disorder Diagnoses and Psychopathy for Recidivism Risk in Sexual Offenders
Phil Rich: Changing Faces in the Assessment and Treatment of Sexually Abusive Youth
Phil Rich: Practical Realities in the Assessment of Juvenile Sexual Risk
Phil Rich: The Role of Case Study in Work with Sexually Abusive Adolescents
Symposium (Chair Daniel Wilcox): The Employment of the Individual Case Study Approach in Treating Sexual Offenders
Symposium Targeted Sex Offender Interventions - A Case Study Approach (Rich, Garrett, Pflugradt, Akerman)
Gilian Tenbergen, Matthias Wittfoth & Tillmann H. C. Krueger: Are There Differences in Executive Function among Pedophilic Child Sexual Offenders? A Test of Non-Incarcerated Individuals
Donna M. Vandiver, Mark Stafford & Jeremy Braithwaite: A Comparison of Male and Female Sex Offenders: Offense Characteristics, Victim Characteristics, and Recidivism Patterns
Kris Vanhoeck, Els Van Daele & Britt Meyhi: Short Presentation of Three Systemic Interventions to Help Offenders with Social and Interpersonal Deficits
Belinda Winder, Nicholas Blagden & Rebecca Lievesley: A Qualitative Analysis of the Accounts of Christian Individuals Serving Time in Custody for a Sexual Offence
Stuart Allardyce & Peter Yates: Family and Community Victim Crossover in Young People Who Display Harmful Sexual Behaviour
Ruth Mann: Addressing the predictors of sexual recidivism – Reflections on knowledge and practice
Kerensa Hocken & Maxine Daniels: Responsive Risk Assessment: Adapting Your Style for Risk Assessment Interviews with ID Sexual Offenders
Joan van Horn et al.: The Benefits and Limits of Prevention Programmes
Symposium Charite: Scherner, Grundmann, Kuhle, Konrad, Kossow, Gieseler
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