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Cape Town, South Africa, August 27-30, 2008

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Aylwin, S. and Studer, L._IATSO 2008_Personality traits of Sex Offenders_How Intractable are they
Beech, A._IATSO 2008_Assessing Female Sexual Offenders Motivations and Cognitions
Bergh, L._IATSO 2008_Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Treatment Program for Incarcerated Rapists in South African Context
Blake, E._IATSO 2008_The Implicit Theories of Rape Prone Men
Bull, R._IATSO 2008_How Police Interviewers Can Assist Sex Offenders To Provide Accounts
Cortoni, F._IATSO 2008_Assessing and Treating Women who Sexually Offend
De Oliveira, M.C._IATSO 2008_Developing Empathy_The Psychological Treatment of Young Sexual Offender in Brazil
Dosio, D._IATSO 2008_Sentencing with the Purpose to Treat Sexual Offenders - Success Rates
Egan, V._IATSO 2008_Alcohol Use Does not Impair Male Age-estimation of Female Faces
Eher, R._IATSO 2008_Implementing a National Sexual Offender Rehabilitation Programme for Incarcerated Sexual Offenders
Endrass, J. and Rossegger, A._IATSO 2008_The Role of Childhood Sexual Abuse in Sex Offending
Fuller, R., Ngwane, C. and Pino, A._IATSO 2008_The Socio-cultural Context of Sexual Offending in South Africa_Are We All Products of Rape
Gannon, T.A._IATSO 2008_Offence-Related Cognition and Interpretative Bias in Female Child Molesters
Gannon, T.A., Rose, M. and Ward, T._IATSO 2008_A Descriptive Offence Chain Model for Women Sexual Offenders
Gear, S._IATSO 2008_Sexual Violence in South African Men’s Prisons_Dynamics of Manhood and Coercive Sexualities
Graf, M., Haendel, N. and Dittmann, V._IATSO 2008_Risk Assessment and Management of High-risk Sex Offenders in Switzerland by Interdisciplinary Boards Using The Method of Structured Professional Judgement
Habermann, N., Briken, P., Hill, A. and Berner, W._IATSO 2008_Developmental Pathways and Recidivism in Juvenile Sexual Homicide Perpetrators
Habermann, N., Spehr, A. and Briken, P._IATSO 2008_Evaluation of the Hamburg Project for Children and Adolescents Who Are At Risk for Sexual Offending
Harkins, L._IATSO 2008_The Influence of Denial and Actuarial Risk on Sexual Recidivism
Hendriks, J. and Bijleveld, C._IATSO 2008_Juvenile Sex Offenders In The Netherlands_Effects of Outpatient Treatment on Recidivism
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