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We are happy to announce that these excellent professionals will be speaking at our conference in Copenhagen, Denmark:



Kelly Babchishin (Canada): Risk Factors for the Onset of Sexual Offending: A Nationwide, Case–Control Study on Parental and Birth Factors (Abstract and CV)

Karl R. Hanson (Canada): Development of Non-Arbitrary Risk Categories for Improving Risk Communication in Sexual Offenders (Abstract and CV)

Niklas Långström (Sweden): Etiology of Sexual Offending: What to Make of Findings from Twin and Family Aggregation Studies (Abstract and CV)

Michael Miner (USA): Sexual Arousal, Inhibition and Cognitive Control: What They Tell Us About Hypersexuality (Abstract and CV)

Andreas Mokros (Switzerland): The Ambiguity of Paraphilia Diagnoses (Abstract and CV)

Mark Olver (Canada): Empirical Models of Evaluating Change in Sexual Offenders: Linkages to Risk Assessment and Management (Abstract and CV)

Pekka Santtila (Finland): Attentional Bias in Pedophiles: Implications for Assessment and Treatment (Abstract and CV)

Michael Seto (Canada): Assessing The Risk of Child Pornography Offenders (Abstract and CV

David Thornton (USA): The Long Term Vulnerability Model in Sexual Offender Risk Assessment (Abstract and CV)

Gwenda Willis (New Zealand): Prescribing a 'Good Life' (Abstract and CV)




Douglas P. Boer: The Assessment of Risk and Manageability with Intellectually Disabled IndividuaLs who Offend Sexually (ARMIDILO-S) (Abstract and CV)

Karl R. Hanson: Latest research findings on the Static-99/Static-99R (Abstract and CV)

Leslie-Maaike Helmus: Current perspectives on risk assessment: What is it, what information does it provide, and how do we evaluate how accurate it is (Abstract and CV)

Liam E. Marshall: A Strengths-Based Approach to the Treatment of Sexual Offenders (Abstract and CV)

Michael Miner and Nancy Raymond: Understanding and Treating Impulses, Urges and Fantasies (Abstract and CV)

Mark E. Olver: Incorporation of Change into Risk Assessments Using the Violence Risk Scale-Sexual Offender Version (VRS:SO) (Abstract and CV)

David Thornton: A Dimensional Model of Offense-related Sexual Interest (Abstract and CV)

Gwenda M. Willis: The Good Lives Model in treatment programmes and beyond (Abstract and CV)