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Porto, Portugal - September 3- 6, 2014

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Marcel Aebi et al: Testing the “Sexually-Abused Abuser Hypothesis” in Adolescents: A Population-Based Study
Zeynep Burcu Akbaba: Criminal Justice Approaches to Paedophilic Sex Offender Treatment Issues: Addressing the Issue with Deprivation of Sexual Liberty
Shiloh Catanese: Online Offenders 1AC01: Highlights of Assessment, Recidivism, and Life After Supervision
Johann Endres: Do We Have Evidence for Effects of Sex Offender Treatment in Custodial Settings?
Óscar Herrero: Executive Functioning in Sex Offender´s Subtypes
Lynsay Hunter & Liz Gilchrist: An Investigation Into the Characteristics of Internet Sex Offenders and the Applicability of Typologies
Sara Ingevaldson, Inga Tidefors & Anneli Goulding: Experiences of Sexuality in a Group of Young Men who Sexually Offended in Their Teens
Sara Jones: Disrupting the Cycle of Sexual Abuse: Using Neuroimaging to Explore Brain-Behavior Relationships of Juvenile Sexual Offending
Krzysztof Kasparek & Filip Szumski: Exhibitionism: Causes of Low Report Rates and Guides for Prevention Policy (Based on Victim's Perspective)
Liam E. Marshall: Adverse Childhood Experiences & Sexual Offending
Liam E. Marshall: Implementing Interventions in Forensic Mental Health and Correctional Settings
Sigrun Roßmanith: Women Don’t Do This: Female Sex Offenders
Filip Szumski: Cognitive Distortions and Sexual Recidivism among Child Molesters
Belinda Winder: Understanding the Journeys of High Risk Male Sex Offenders Voluntarily Receiving Medication to Reduce their Sexual Preoccupation and/or Hyper-Sexuality
Shiloh Catanese & Patricia Huerta: Reasonable and Therapeutic Uses for Sexually Stimulating Materials in Sex Offender Treatment
Bill Marshall - A Theory of the Etiology of Child Molestation
Anna Roszyk: Neuropsychological Deficits Among Child Molesters
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