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We are happy to announce that these posters will be presented at our conference in Trondheim, Norway:


Ten years of the Swedish telephone help-line project PrevenTell – Lessons learned and future directions 

Roberth Adebahr, Elin Zamore Söderström, Stefan Arver, Jussi Jokinen, & Katarina Görts Öberg


Conceptualization of a blended group treatment of patients with deviant sexual preference disorder consuming child abuse material 

Marie Bergmann, & Simon Ewers


Are mental disorders associated with recidivism in men convicted of sexual offenses?

Laura Biedermann, Reinhard Eher, Martin Rettenberger, Kathrin Gaunersdorfer, & Daniel Turner


Rape in the Czech Republic: Definition, figures, offenders and their treatment 

Šárka Blatníková, & Petr Zeman


Psychodynamic countertransference phenomena in group therapy for sex offenders: A case study from the observer's perspective

Susanne Bründl, & Viktoria Märker


Self-reported cognitive distortions, treatment retention and recidivism

Manon Duval, Yves Paradis, & Jean-Pierre Guay


The impact of ‘the Knock’ and the criminal justice journey for non-offending family members of individuals suspected of IIOC 

Mille Fjelldal-Robertson


Internet-administered cognitive behavioral therapy for hypersexual disorder, with or without paraphilia(s) or paraphilic disorder(s) in men: A pilot study

Jonas Hallberg, Viktor Kaldo, Stefan Arver, Cecilia Dhejne, Marta Piwowar, Jussi Jokinen, & Katarina Görts Öberg


Assisting decisions in child protection service institutions with the RIC: The Risk Indication in Child sexual abuse

Brigitte C. Hansmann, & Reinhard Eher


Summary of current EU-funded prevention projects related to minor attracted persons

Lisann Högström, Tarik Korkutan, Arne Dekker, & Peer Briken


Visualized EU mapping of institutional face-to-face (F2F) therapy services for people at risk of committing child sexual abuse

Tarik Korkutan, Lisann Högström, Peer Briken, & Arne Dekker


A descriptive model of voyeuristic behavior

Victoria P. M. Lister, & Theresa A. Gannon


Patients’ experiences with “Det finnes hjelp”: A low-threshold health service for adults with a sexual interest in children

Jana Kristin Maack, Isak Joramo, Merete Berg Nesset, Camilla Buch Gudde, Line Elisabeth Solbakken, & Marita Sandvik


Altered neural and behavioral response to sexually implicit stimuli during a pictorial-modified Stroop task in pedophilic disorder

Christian Mannfolk, Benny Liberg, Christoph Abé, & Christoffer Rahm


Paraphilic disorders and compulsive sexual behavior disorder: Presentation of ongoing treatment studies

Josephine Savard


A cross-validation of the German version of the Revised Screening Scale for Pedophilic Interests (SSPI-2)

Sita Sophie Sielaff, Reinhard Eher, & Martin Rettenberger


Evaluation and implementation of a web- based training program to strengthen efforts to prevent sexual assault and violence

Charlotte Sparre, Stefan Arver, Elin Zamore Söderström, Markus Byström, Josephine Savard, & Katarina Görts Öberg


The pilot of a new internet offending assessment framework in Scotland

Geoff Tordzro-Taylor


Sexual offenders forensic inpatients who present an intellectual disability: Which specificities?

Audrey Vicenzutto, Luca A. Tiberi, Marine Bral, & Thierry H. Pham


The offending behaviour of those sentenced to the Order for Lifelong Restriction (OLR)

Rachel Webb, & Mark McSherry


Gender concept in child sexual offenders

Monika Zielona-Jenek