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Copenhagen, Denmark - September 7 - 10, 2016

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14th IATSO Conference Program
Akerman,G. & Needs, A.: Principles of therapeutic environments and facilitating change
Akerman, G. et.al.:Tolerating the intolerable_Working with transference and counter transference to toxic material in a prison-based therapeutic community
Bais, C.: Sex offenses and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Blatniková,S. et al.: Violent Sex Offenders and the Quasi Compulsory Treatment in the Czech Republic
Bowden, L. & Daniels, M.: Individual Experiences of Treatment in a Forensic Psychiatric Setting
Carvalho, J. & Pereira, B. D.: Women using sexually aggressive strategies - Findings on the personality and psychopathological profile
Carvalho, J. & Sá, A.: Interpersonal features characterizing a non-criminal sample of men reporting sexually aggressive strategies
Catanese, S. & Ontiveros, M.: Productive working relationships between supervision personnel and treatment providers
Ciardha, Ó. C. et al.: Multiple measures of (deviant) sexual interest in a community sample
Dillon, G. et al.: An exploration of the relationship between the collecting behaviours of Internet sex offenders and Autism Spectrum Disorder - Implications for Sentencing and Treatment needs
Gerwinn, H. & Weiss, S.: Clinical characteristics associated with pedophilia and child sexual offending in the NeMUP study
Hanson, K. R.: Latest Research Findings on the Static-99/Static-99R
Hanson, K.R.: Stable2007 - New Field Study Findings, New Risk Categories
Harrison, K. & Rainey, B.: Young people who sexually offend - Outline for a Pan European exploratory study into the impact of sex offender registration on prevention of harm and reintegration
Harrison, K.: Unreported Abuse - The influence of 'shame' on sexual abuse reporting rates
Idisis,Y.: Culturally sensitive interventions with sexual offenders in the Ultra Othodox community
Ingevaldson, S.: Views of self in 20 young men who sexually offended in adolescence
Jubine, C. & Manzanera, C.: The Benefits of getting laid
Klein, T.: Group therapy of sexual offences in a context of cultural diversity - including sexual offenders with other patients
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