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Keynote Speakers at the 17th IATSO conference

We are happy to announce that these excellent professionals will be speaking at our conference in Trondheim, Norway:




  • Knut Hermstad (Norway): Sex offences in a lifespan perspective. Experiences and new perspectives (Abstract & CV) 
  • Simon Hackett (UK): Children and adolescents with harmful sexual behaviour. The devolopment of the field and prospects of the future (Abstract & CV
  • Anja Kruse (Norway): The Why, the Who and the Wherefore. Explanations, self-change and social friction in men’s narratives of sexual violations (Abstract & CV
  • Mark Olver (Canada): The Role and Relevance of Protective Factors in Dynamic Sexual Violence Risk Assessment and Management (Abstract & CV)
  • Liam Marshall (Canada): Effective treatment for those who have engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior (Abstract & CV)
  • Oddfrid Skorpe Tennfjord (Norway): Harmful sexual behaviour among children and adolescents: Prevention strategies and proposals for interventions (Abstract & CV
  • David Prescott (USA): Practical application and implementation of the Good Lives Model (GLM) (Abstract & CV)
  • Keira Stockdal(Canada): Assessing and Managing Offense Analogue and Offense Replacement Behaviors (OABs and ORBs) in Sexual Offense Treatment Contexts (Abstract & CV)



  • Mark Olver (Canada): Therapeutic Approaches with High Psychopathy Sexual Offending Populations: Evidence, Issues, and Practice Implications (Abstract & CV)
  • Svein Øverland (Norway):Collaboration between police and psychiatry: an innovative approach to reduce risk for new Child Sexual Exploitation Material offences (Abstract & CV)
  • Liam Marshall (Canada) & Jayson Ware (New Zealand): Working with individuals who deny responsibility for offending sexually (Abstract & CV)
  • Keira Stockdale (Canada): Risk Assessment approaches for Youth who have Sexually Offended: The Violence Risk Sexual-Youth Sexual Offense version (VRS-YS) (Abstract & CV)
  • David Prescott (USA): Practical application and implementation of the Good Lives Model (GLM) (Abstract & CV)
  • Carol Carson (UK): Problematic and harmful sexual behaviour and autism spectrum disorder - implications for practice  (Abstract)
  • Brian Judd (USA) & L. Maaike Helmus (Canada): An introduction to the Violence Risk Appraisal Guide - Revised (VRAG-R): Development and Subsequent Cross-Validation on Europe, Canadian, and Other Samples (Abstract & CV)
  • Jennifer Allotey (UK): Technology-assisted harmful sexual behaviour among children and adolescents – understanding and intervening (Abstract & CV)