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Berlin, Germany, September 5-8, 2012

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Jelle Troelstra & Wineke Smid: Implications of Oxytocin Levels in Sex Offenders
Sam Kilby & Stephen Smallbone: Youth Sex Offender Typologies: Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory (MACI) Profiles and Their Association with Offender Versatility and Victim Age
Frank Mielke: “BMJS 12/21”: A Structured Treatment Programme for Juvenile Sex Offenders
Thorsten Spielmann et al.: Basel Program for the Treatment of Consumers of Illegal Pornography
Peter Fromberger et al.: Diagnostic Accuracy of Eye Movements in Assessing Pedophilia
Till Amelung et al.: Ward and Siegert’s Pathway-Model for Self-identifying Help-seeking Pedophiles in the Dunkelfeld
Wineke Smid & Jelle Troelstra: Psychopathic Traits in Sex Offenders Associated with High Oxytocin Levels
Wineke Smid & Jan Willem van den Berg: Incentive Theory of Sexual Motivation as a Framework for the Description of Sexual Offending Behavior
Rajan Darjee & Emily Baron: Sexual Homicide: A Comparison Between Homicidal and Non-homicidal Sex Offenders Referred to a Specialist Forensic Liaison Service in Scotland
Tatjana Voß: Medication – If So, For How Long?
Carlo Rosso et al.: OLTRE IL MURO Project: An Italian Experience for the Treatment of Convicted Sexual Offenders
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