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Berlin, Germany, September 5-8, 2012

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Franca Cortoni: Developmental Pathways to Deviant Sexual Fantasies
Maxine Daniels: Integrating Research and Clinical Practice: A Qualitative Research Study, What Do Sex Offenders Experience When Role Playing Their Victims and How Do Clinicians Use Role Play Interventions in Treatment?
Haley Fox: Masks, Wounds and Bridges: Expressive Arts Therapy with Sexual Abusers
Karen Harrison: Sentencing Sex Offenders: An International Comparison of Sentencing Policy and Legislation.
Todd Hogue & Derek Perkins: Developing an Eye Tracking Assessment Method for Sexual Aggression.
Judith Iffland: Sex Offenders’ Intimate Relationships
Margarida Matias & Celina Manita: Adult and Juvenile Sexual Offenders in Treatment. A Portuguese Experience.
Rares Cosmin Mesu et al.: What Have You Learned? Sex Offenders' Own View of Group Therapy
Linda Naidoo: Child Sex Offender Therapy Programs in South Africa: Potential Contributions
Inga Tidefors & Lisa Rudolfsson: Well Facing Death is Easier – Clerical Reflections on Pastoral Care for Victims of Sexual Abuse
Gerold Scherner et al.: Treatment Refusal and Dropout in Participants of the Prevention Project Dunkelfeld (PPD)
12th IATSO Conference Programme
Stephen Wong: Assessing Changes in Risk and Recidivism with Correctional Treatment
Ulrich Rehder & Bernd Wischka: Entwicklung, Struktur und Erfahrungen mit dem Behandlungsprogramm für Sexualstraftäter_part1
Ulrich Rehder & Bernd Wischka: Entwicklung, Struktur und Erfahrungen mit dem Behandlungsprogramm für Sexualstraftäter_part2
Margretta S. Dwyer: Strong Voices Rising: Courage to Heal
William Marshall: The Critical Elements in Effective Sexual Offender Treatment
Andrew Williams: Who is Really in the Frame? Psychoanalytic Approaches to Understanding and Treating Users of Child Pornography
Sandra Schauen et al.: The Challenges and Difficulties of Forensic Aftercare
Frank Wendt & Nina Meyer-Blankenburg: The Meaning of Comorbid Disorders for the Consideration of Pedosexual Offenders
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