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Berlin, Germany, September 5-8, 2012

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Emily Blake: The Usefulness and Ethical Implications of Community Samples in Sex Offender Research
Sigrun Roßmanith: Psychiatrische Strafgerichtsgutachter: Propheten des 21. Jahrhunderts?
Emily Baron & Rajan Darjee: Pharmacological Treatment of Sex Offenders in Scotland
Marie Chollier et al.: Impulsiveness and Sex Offending: An Integrative Approach Based on Retrospective and Transversal Studies.
Beate Dombert et al.: Choice Reaction Time: Assessment of Pedophilic Interest with an Attention-based Method
Belinda Winder et al.: Evaluation of the Use of Medication with Convicted Sex Offenders with High Levels of Sexual Preoccupation
Philip Howard et al.: Specific Reoffending Rates for Different Types of Indecent Image Offenders and Implications for Risk Assessment
Rebecca Lievesley et al.: Understanding Sexual Preoccupation and the Psychopharmacological Treatment of it – Service User and Staff Perspectives
Liam Marshall et al.: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Social Phobia, & Loneliness in Incarcerated Internet Child Pornography Offenders
Joachim Nitschke: Sexual Sadism Facing the DSM-V Criteria: 125 Years After the First Description of Sexual Sadism by Richard von Krafft-Ebing
Daniel Turner et al.: Prescription of Testosterone Lowering Medications in Sexual Offender Treatment in German Forensic Psychiatric Institutions
Jules Mulder & Joan van Horn: Stop it Now! NL
Mechtild Höing: COSA in Europe
Höing, M. and Hanvey, S.: Restorative Justice Workshop
Els Van Daele: The Position of the Partner in Sex Offender Therapy
Jayson Ware: How Should “Acceptance of Responsibility” Be Addressed in Sexual Offending Treatment Programs?
Nils Verbeeck: Virtual Child Pornography and Sex Child Robotics, Ethical Questions and Consequences in Therapy for Sex Offenders
Ricardo Barroso et al.: Conduct Problems, Antisocial Tendencies and Sexual Behaviors: a Comparative Study with Sexual and Non-Sexual Juvenile Offenders
Stephen Hanvey: Measuring success in the safer reintegration of high risk sex offenders into the community, through Circles of Support and Accountability
Jelle Troelstra: Management of Androgen Deprivation Therapy in Sex Offenders
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