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Abstract: The Good Lives Model in treatment programmes and beyond

 The Good Lives Model (GLM) is a popular rehabilitation theory used in sexual offending treatment programmes worldwide; however, substantial variation has been observed in terms of how the GLM has been applied in practice. Applied appropriately, the GLM offers potential for improving outcomes of programmes that follow a cognitive-behavioral (CBT) approach and that operate according to the Risk, Need, and Responsivity (RNR) principles. However, misguided or otherwise poor application of the GLM in practice could increase the very risk these programmes are designed to prevent and manage. In this interactive workshop, I will provide an accessible overview of the Good Lives Model and its application in sexual offending treatment programmes, case management and supervision. Key concepts will be illustrated using case examples.  This workshop will be suitable for practitioners, probation/parole officers, case managers and programme administrators.


Gwenda M. Willis, Ph.D, PGDipClinPsyc is a Clinical Psychologist and researcher from New Zealand; she has worked in clinical and research capacities in New Zealand, Australia and North America. Gwen has received numerous awards and accolades for her research. In 2011, she was awarded a Fulbright Senior Scholar award to evaluate applications of the Good Lives Model in sexual offending treatment programmes in North America. Since this time she has written extensively on the application of the Good Lives Model and provided training and programme consultation in prisons and community-based settings internationally.