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Oslo, Norway, September 1-4, 2010

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Grondahl, P._IATSO 2010_Sexual Recidivism and Expert Evidence in Court - A Case Story
Grundmann, D., Neutze, J. and Beier, K.M._IATSO 2010_Psychopathic Characteristics and Sexual Deviancy in Pedophilic and Hebephilic Child Pornography Offenders
Hallberg, J._IATSO 2010_On the Hypersexual Disorder Screening Inventory (HDSI) in Swedish Men and Women
Hanson, R.K._IATSO 2010_Meta-analysis of Treatment Outcome in Sexual Offenders
Harrison, K. and Rainey, B._IATSO 2010_Treating Sex Offenders - The Morality and Legality of Treatment Methods
Hasselrot, B. and Fielding, C._IATSO 2010_Enabling environment for Sex Offenders in Swedish Prisons
Hermstad, K._IATSO 2010_Sexual Offences, Law and Moral Can Behavior and Attitudes Be Changed by Legal and Moral Efforts
Hoeing, M. and Venderbosch, A._IATSO 2010_COSA_Circles of Support and Accountability.pdf
Kaplan, M._IATSO 2010_Diagnosis, Assessment and Treatment of Hypersexuality
Koeck, S._IATSO 2010_Indirect Sexual Preference Measurement on Child Molesters Today_A Critical Review and Research Proposition
Koenraadt, F._IATSO 2010_Sexual Homicide_The Offender or the Offence
Konopasky, R. and Millar, D._IATSO 2010_For SOs Is Good Treatment No Recidivism Cheaply Bought or is it Tx That Best Serves the SO and Society, No Matter the Cost
Konopasky, R., McKinlay, J. and Barrett, T._IATSO 2010_Establishing the Nexus Between Sexual Assault and Damages in Civil Suits
Krueger, R.B._IATSO 2010_New Developments in the Diagnosis of Sexual Masochism and Sexual Sadism
Kuhle, L.F., Neutze, J. and Beier, K.M._IATSO 2010_Use of Sexually Explicit and Non-Explicit Images of Children and Associated Risk Factors for Child Sexual Abuse
Kutscher, T., Neutze, J., Dahle, K.-P. and Beier, K.M._IATSO 2010_Content of Pedophilic and Hebephilic Sexual Fantasies and Its Impact on Child Sexual Abusive Behavior
Lackinger, F._IATSO 2010_TFFP as a Sexual Offender Treatment Modality_Diagnostics, Contract-Setting and Therapeutic Process
Langfeldt, T._IATSO 2010_Childhood, Attachment and Development of Sexual Offensive Behaviour. Implications for Therapy
Langfeldt, T._IATSO 2010_The Homosexual Dilemma in the Catholic Church
Marshall, L., O'Brien, M.D., Marshall, W.L. and Serran, G._IATSO 2010_Sexual Desires and Social Acceptability
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