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Utilizing the Violence Risk Scale (Sexual Offender Version; Olver et al; VRS (SO)) for psychodynamic understanding and treatment of sexual offenders

Markus G. Feil


Even though the concept of perversion seems to be outdated in contemporary theory of sexual offending, it still remains to be central in a psychodynamic understanding and conceptualization of sexual offending and relapse prevention. However it doesn’t seem to be sufficient to explain and treat sexual delinquency. Building on the old and heterogenous psychoanalytic concept of perversion, with the help of the VRS (SO) links will be made between the concept of perversion (as it might be well operationalized by factor 1 of the VRS (SO)) to other forensically relevant issues like the readiness to act out antisocially (as well operationalized in factors 2 and 3 of the VRS (SO)). In addition to offering a theoretical discussion, the workshop will also focus on practical implications for the psychodynamic treatment of sexual offenders.


Dr. Markus G. Feil is the director of a Forensic Outpatient Clinic based in Munich/Germany that delivers forensic psychotherapy and social work to sexually and/or otherwise violent offenders. He is specialized in psychodynamic treatment. Dr. Feil also provides consultation for forensic organizations as well as for enterprises in the economic sector.