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Incorporation of Change into Risk Assessments Using the Violence Risk Scale-Sexual Offense version

Mark Olver


This preconference workshop session will feature the use of the Violence Risk Scale-Sexual Offender version (VRS-SO; Wong, Olver, Nicholaichuk, & Gordon, 2003, 2017) to assess risk and evaluate change. The session will feature the interpretation of VRS-SO data within the context of risk assessment, treatment planning, and the assessment of change, including report writing and adjustments of risk appraisals based on updated normative data available for the tool. The session will serve as a useful refresher for those who currently use the VRS-SO or for those who may be interested in learning more about its use in risk assessment and range of applications, based on the available data. 


Dr. Mark Olver Ph.D. is Professor and Registered Doctoral Psychologist in the Clinical Psychology Program at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, where he is involved in graduate and undergraduate clinical and research supervision, teaching, administration, and applied forensic research. Prior to his academic appointment, Mark worked as a clinical psychologist in various capacities, including providing assessment, treatment, and consultation services for young offenders in the Saskatoon Health Region and for adult federal offenders in the Correctional Service of Canada. Mark’s research interests include offender risk assessment and treatment, young offenders, psychopathy, and the evaluation of therapeutic change. He is the co-developer of the Violence Risk Scale-Sexual Offense version (VRS-SO) and the Violence Risk Scale-Youth Sexual Offense version (VRS-YSO) and he provides training and consultation services internationally in the assessment and treatment of psychopathic, sexual, and violent offending populations.