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The Good Lives Model: Principles, Application, and Implementation

David S. Prescott


The Good Lives Model (GLM) is a strength-based rehabilitation model originally developed for sex offenders and now in use in a number of ways for people who have caused harm to others. It has been adapted for use with both adults and adolescents, male and female. Properly implemented, it adheres to the principles of risk, need, and responsivity, and can be delivered in accordance with principles of motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral treatment. This training focuses on key principles and applications of the model, with a particular emphasis on lessons learned from implementations around the world. The workshop offers ideas for integrating the GLM into daily practice and examines how the GLM can dovetail with the self-regulation model-revised, motivational interviewing, and other strengths-based approaches. 


David S. Prescott, LICSW, is the Clinical Services Development Director for the Becket Family of Services in Northern New England. He has produced 20 book projects (including five related to the GLM) and numerous articles and chapters on understanding and treating sexual aggression. Mr. Prescott is a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers and a Senior Associate for the International Center for Clinical Excellence. He has trained and lectured about the GLM in Asia, North America, and Europe.