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IATSO Poster Awards

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The IATSO Poster award is given to students (including graduate or Ph.D. students) at the biannual IATSO Conferences who are presenting outstanding posters as first-authors. The winners receive financial support. 



The following students received the IATSO Poster Award at the 13th IATSO Conference in Porto, Portugal:

1st place: Daniel Turner (Germany) for his poster: Working with Children as a Risk Factor for Sexual offending - The Mediating Role of Pedophilic Interests, Antisocial Behavior, and Hypersexuality. 

2nd place: Isabelle Boisvert (Canada) for her poster: Characteristics of Sexually Abused Children and Children Exhibiting Problematic Sexual Behaviors: Use of Variable- and Person-Oriented Approaches to Distinguish.


The following students received the IATSO Poster Award at the 14th IATSO Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark:

1st place: Andrew E. Brankley (Canada) for his poster: Cross-cultural validity of the STATIC-99R and STABLE-2007 risk tools: Results from a prospective Canadian field study

2nd place: Coralie Boillat (Switzerland) for her poster: Correlations of childhood trauma experiences with personality traits and sex offence-related behaviour in adult contact sex offenders

3rd place: Priscilla Gregório Hertz (Germany) for her poster: A cross-validation of the revised version of the Violence Risk Appraisal Guide (VRAG-R) using a sexual offender sample from Austria